Perfect solution for Team Sport Organizers : Tournaments , Leagues and Clubs
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Kaypic Sports™ is a multi-sports and multilingual management platform. It’s main objective is to facilitate communications between the managers, their players and their fans.

Two tools are used to achieve this objective: the Fans’ Circle and the Admin Portal.

Available in the following languages:
  • Français
  • English
  • Español
  • Português

In the eyes of your fans, you're a real Pro!

Let your Fans access your Circle content on two platforms:

  • The Kaypic Sports™ Fans' Circle app in iOS and Android
  • A free website (E.g.:

More than adding content

The Admin Portal has several advanced tools. You’ll save time and money.

  • Send urgent message to players with Message Now by SMS/Email.
  • Send players game attendance request. Then, let these players confirm their attendance by SMS/Email.
  • Delegate tasks to your staff. You can save time from adding contents yourself.

Frequently asked questions

  • You can create and manage a tournament. E.g.: Kaypic Sports™ Mundial
  • You can manage your sport association or club
  • You can create and manage a league. E.g.: an amateur league, GHL Montréal
  • You can create and manage your team
Any team sports are available.
Anybody who wants to save time and money and have a professional image.
For example:
  • Sports association or club
  • Youth organization
  • School Sport Coordinator
  • Tournament Managers
  • A person who wants to organize a neighborhood league (street soccer, basketball 3x3, etc.)
  • Online tournament manager
  • etc.
You can create as many Circles as you want. The sky's the limit.

Circles powered by Kaypic Sports™

With Kaypic Sports™ it's easy to create Circles (mobile app and web) for your fans. Start with us the revolution.

Pricing Cards

Pricing is based on country. Enjoy the launching discounts.



  • subdomain
  • Advanced stats for team sports (Soccer, American Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, etc.)
  • Kaypic Sports™ Fans’ Circles app on iOS and Android
  • Request player attendance to games (SMS, email)
  • Send messages to players (SMS, email) with Message Now
  • 10 Free SMS Communication credits
  • Publish news
  • Display events
  • Choose a Color Theme in a selection